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We welcome independent self-employ individuals to join us. If you are entrepreneur or professional in any area want to switch to education or interesting in the education business, we could grow together, STEM EdKit has a mission to promote the need of STEM learning, which means to nurture a curiosity mind into students, so that they will adaptable to the future creative economy with the ability to learn anytime independently and logically.

A.    Company value

Our colleagues know our core value in three domains, which were commitment, innovative workflow, and partnership. We hope that our staff will commit to growth in our business with personal integrity in order to pursuit the core value.

B.    Deliver learning value

We called it the learning value because we are going to deliver these values through our learning kits. Learn by doing is the first thing we concern about course design with content and educational kit. Spark joy intending to have continuous discovery when doing. Extrapolating is extendable to other applications. Dig Deep but Express Easy (“DDEE”) is also what we deliver in our learning kit, express ideas in a very easy to understand way, sum up the delivery of learning value, they are including:


  • Learn by doing

  • Spark joy

  • Extrapolating

  • Dig Deep but Express Easy 


C.    Product marketing

To deliver the learning value we intend to, four kinds of products are designed in our marketing strategy, they are including APIS, PISCIS, STELLA, and DOCENS as follows:

  • APIS – Course and Educational Kit,

  • PISCIS – Teacher coaching and re-build,

  • STELLA – Activities and project,

  • DOCENS – Training platform of co-workers (train the trainers).


APIS - Topics are including smart home, solar PV system, smart city, smart farm & gardening, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), each set consist book and educational kit design for the purpose, fit for 10 lessons of activities at school, training center or clubhouse.

PISCIS is our product on teacher coaching and re-build, our target customer are potential teacher or already full time teacher intend to rebuild their STEM skill, it will be in our Tsuen Wan office at Hong Kong. There four kinds of teachers including 1) Facilitator, 2) Teacher, 3) Tutor, 4) Helper, for each school class or activities, we will send a teacher and a helper, however, for a class is more demanding, a facilitator and a tutor will be form as a teaching group. PISCIS is our training class held to coach teachers to became familiar with STEM courses. It will charge HK$2,400 per day for full time teacher who could join the coaching. For those certified as facilitator, whom could independently lead a STEM class on both teaching and guiding practical skills, including micro: bit and Arduino programming. There will be a certificate to certify the courses whom could teach in class.

STELLA is products on standalone activity, teachers will be send to school according to the assign schedule, each session will be 90 minutes at school. Several topics are on-going in school including coin counting machine, flowering machine, etc. Proposed topic from our client leading to co-develop project are also possible. 

DOCENS is our products on a training platform for training, programming technique of Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other single board computer could be delivery by our learning platform. There are including teaching videos, projects, circuit diagrams, and many more integrated together as a platform. The course could leading to a mini-engineering project like greenhouse, STEM classroom, modify machine to allow students participating a real life project. It is a course combine with project leading to a product, with student could work together.

D.    To growth the company

We believed that to growth the company by means of four things, they are including:

1.        Build our strength to have company value,

Resources including time, fund and human resources properly allocation to achieve the strength.

2.        Build our team to inherent with  learning value.

To deliver STEM learning value, we build our team to treasure training, innovation, act-and-check, we construct a lot of prototype to test market response, fine tune the product, test and evaluation.

3.        Build our system to deliver products,

Our colleague evaluate the design of product to deliver.

4.       Build our platform to integrate values.

We have a platform to co-develop course and education kit with our partner, any topics could suggested to us and after evaluation the fit for the STEM learning purpose, individual will enter into a working partner with us, the submitted script will take care by our editing team to finalize the book editing and submit to publisher. Once confirm the original authorship, each author could share the profit by a revenue model of 50% to 50% profit sharing on each book and educational, after deduct the cost, author with share 50% profit with us. This is a encouraging scheme to publish STEM learning books and educational kits. 

Location: Hong Kong 香港

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