Internet of Things (IoT)


S3 & Above


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ECA課外活動, 教師培訓


AI is the city’s brain and IoT is the city’s sensors and actuators. The brain analyzes the information from eyes, ears, taste, smell, and touch, and notify hand to do and way to walk. IoT is those sensors and actuators in the smart city.

This book explores an IoT concept is IoT = Sensor/Actuator + Edge Processor, a sensor is a very important component of IoT, we introduce a “Smell” sensor design to explain the concept, and we call this AI smell sensor a name “Aromathpia”, it is a smell sensor with artificial intelligence, and we put in on an autonomous car, thus the car could explore the “smell” in the city, this concept in this book become a backbone to explain IoT in smart city.

1. An IoT revolution: city’s sensors and actuators
2. Nose: a lot of smell receptors working together
3. Touch: Sensors of largest amount in our skin
4. Nose’s sensors array
5. Energy savings with IoT
6. How food supply to you dish
7. Agriculture technology ― Could a desert by healed?
8. Energy harvesting: Collect a bit here and there
9. IoT actuator: Smart autonomous car
10. AI most import is predicting


Location: Hong Kong 香港

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