How to learn & teach computer programming

Since Raspberry Pi appears, it was immediately accepted by the market. For RPi 4, it's speed is comparable to an X86 computer, as STEM use Arduino and micro: bit connected to a computer, now you could use RPi as the computer and connect it to the micro: bit or Arduino directly, use RPi as the computer has many more advantages since it comes with a bundle of useful software particular good for STEM education, waiting for school to unleash the power of it. We are again on the paradigm shift, the change of the concept of coding, some will say it changes from Pascal to C/C++, or say from C/C++ to Python, it is not only that, the paradigm shift of coding is a change of concept fundamentally. Coding, of course, is the line by line programming

language and run by compiler or interpreter, not only that. It changes the appearance to node and flow, which means we could focus on develop the concept and the node and flow environment will generate the program, we working in high-level thinking and not line by line programming language coding. Education needed to convey the concept as early as possible.

How to choose education-centered STEM kit? There are so many hardware vendors, many were providing world class hardware and software for choosing, by concern the fastest clock rate, memory size, from the view on the requirement complex and complete, many of them on the market already satisfied, however, what we should concern is education-centered kit. That what we are looking for, so, what is education-centered kit, we will continue to share.

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