How to choose STEM kit

Regarding school STEM activities, teaching kits and related hardware usually are sensors, actuators and processing unit (micro:bit/Arduino/RPi), teachers may add more element on art with materials like paper, wood, plastic and metal were included, finally assembling a target things. For example, assemble a lamp or a car.

Fundamentally, programming code also teach since coding needs to be an important element in the activity, in addition to assemble a basket ball game or a smart flowering & watering kit, there is programming techniques behinds, no matter using micro:bit, Arduino, HaloCode or RPi (Raspberry Pi), or many more. Many kit suppliers supplies student-centered STEM kit, not an education-centered STEM kit. Student-centered kit may shorten the assembly time for student which is good, kit design by adding magnetic connector and the sensors' socket is specially design to allow the student more easy to complete the work, the assembling work is shorten in time, and it surely will raise early arrival of a joyful moment of success.

Was the joyful moment arrived equal to something is really learnt? Of course it will, partially, those education kits were carefully design, which are useful in helping student to tackle problem they are facing, however, we are again ask what is education-centered STEM kit & related hardware for STEM classes? Let's discuss in coming discussions.

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