New course on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Got a new ISBN number of a new book on AI, a number became meaningful, its ISBN 978-988-74335-8-3, the new STEM coursebook on artificial intelligence, we will print a small amount for trial print and review the content, if you would like to have a copy (total 107 pages at this first print version) as well at the trial print, let us know. This coursebook is for year 10+ students, it focuses not on the introduction of a different algorithm, on the contrary, it starts from an easy angle of perspective, it starts from seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching. From these five senses, shows the reader how artificial intelligence will help us to extend our sense.

Book Name: STEM and AI (in Chinese)

Publishing number: ISBN 978-988-74335-8-3

Order course book + EdKit:


The course could bundle with the Raspberry Pi education kit.

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